StudyLink helps students make informed decisions about their tertiary student finance, how to apply for it and manage it online.  This is where you can find out about and apply for Student Loans and Student Allowances.  In order to register, you will need certain information and documentation, such as your Realme verified identitiy, IRD number, bank account details and parents’ income details and evidence (for Student Allowance applications).

Student Loans and Allowances explained in this new eBook

Student Loans – The truth about student loans, student allowances, StudyLink and repayments

Realme: Having your verified identity set up and ready to go will save you time applying for Student Loans and Allowances. If you want a student allowance or loan for the first time with Studylink you’re going to need to prove your identity – a RealMe verified identity lets you do this and more, simply, easily and securely online.