Massey University scholarship information:

 The College of Creative Arts has created a new Scholarship available exclusively to International students: the Massey University Creative Arts International Excellence Scholarships.

The Scholarships are worth $15,000 for 3-year degree programmes and $20,000 for 4-year degree programmes (spread in $5,000 tuition decreases each year AND a student needs to maintain a ‘B’ average each year to keep the scholarship).

The programmes on offer are:

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons)

Bachelor of Māori Visual Arts

Bachelor of Creative Media Production

Bachelor of Commercial Music

You can view the regulations for the Scholarship here (and also download a Scholarship poster, though we have these available if you need them), and application form.

In addition to applying to a Creative Arts programme at Massey University, International students also need to apply for the Scholarship (at the above link).

The Scholarships are merit based, and since you will, primarily be dealing with students doing NCEA 3, are as follows: in order for a student to apply they will need either Merit or Excellence Endorsement overall AND Excellence in at least one Art, Design, Music or Technology subject in NCEA 2.

Yes, they will not yet have their NCEA 3 results but we have identified that if a student has Excellence in a Music, Art, Design or Technology subject at NCEA 2 then they are already a worthy student. While we can award the Scholarship based on NCEA 2 results, the students still need to pass NCEA 3, receive UE and thus an Unconditional Offer of Place at Massey University for enrolment in Feb 2018.

There are two deadlines:

Students need to apply by Oct 1 to receive guaranteed on campus accommodation (they also need to apply for accommodation too).

The final deadline for all applications is November 10 (though these students may not get on campus accommodation).

If you have any questions please contact Tim Croft, CoCA’s International Manager:

Want to study overseas? 


Tips for Studying at University:

  • No plagiarism: they use Turnitin to detect any copying
  • “Go Beyond” at UC get involved beyond the lecture theatre
  • You can get help proofreading, academic essay structures, referencing…
  • Visit the careers departments at universities and international student advisers
  • Orientation days
  • At University of Otago international students cannot do Bachelor of Radiation Therapy and there are limited places in some courses: 5 in Medicine, 5 in Dental Surgery, 15 in Pharmacy, 8 in Physiotherapy and 20 in Med Lab Science
  • AUT has Orientation specifically for international students 18th and 19th February 2016
  • University of Auckland has an International Career Development consultant specifically for internationals
  • UCIC for one year then into second year at UC
  • Foundation Studies for Otago can be studies at Queenstown Resort College

Useful Contacts:

See Ms Kidd in the Careers Room if you have any questions or need some careers help. We have some international brochures for local universities, and can point you in the right direction to get more information about overseas universities.